Viewing offer

For useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about viewing offers please read more below.


Reply to the viewing offer on time!


If you get a viewing offer you will receive an email from us. The contact details for viewing are available here on My pages. You should see the apartment before you answer but it is not mandatory.


During these times with Covid-19 we ask the tenant moving out to prepare photos or a video to replace the physical viewing. As soon as the situation is normal again we will return to our normal viewings. 

New built apartments
If the apartment is a new build you will need to answer the viewing offer with help of the information available under Housing. It is also good if you take a walk around the area to get a feeling for it before you decide.

When is the due date to reply?

The due date and time is available on My Pages. After the due date the apartment will be offered to the applicant with the highest queue place and who also has replied yes to the offer. If you decline the offer or do not reply on time you will get a “no” reply and we will move forward to the next person in the queue.

What is my place in the queue?

If you want to know your place in the queue you need to contact us through or call 031-722 97 00 during our opening hours.

What if I am number one in the queue for several apartments?

If you are number one in the queue for several apartments you need to decline the apartment/apartments you do not want. Otherwise chance will decide which apartment you will be offered. You can only get contract offer for one apartment. Contact during our opening hours if you want to know your place in the queue.

After the due date has passed.

When is the offer for the apartment?

The apartment will be offered after the due date has passed. Normally beginning of the week. If you are offered the apartment you will have until the next day to sign so make sure to be prepared. The due date is available on My pages where you find the offer.

How do I know if I get the apartment?

The offer to sign the contract is sent by email and possibly sms. This will normally be the day after the due date has passed which normally is on a Monday, but it might take a few days into the week.

Prepare for signing the contract.

What should I prepare?

In case you are offered a contract it is good to prepare.
Click here for more information about what documents are approved.

If you are offered a contract.

Where do I upload documents?

Documents are uploaded on My Pages when you get an email to log on and sign digitally. You should not send anything in advance.

What happens after I have signed?

When you have signed the contract we will manually check the document. The apartment will be rented to you under the condition that you meet the study requirement or can show us any of the other documents above.  If everything is ok you will get a confirmation within a few days after the due date to sign. If the documents are not approved we will contact you through email for immediate completion. If we do not get the completion on time after that the apartment will be offered to next person in line.

I have more questions.

Contact us as soon as possible during our opening hours if you have any questions that have not been answered here.


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Latest update 2021-01-08