Landala is an urban quarter that is located close to Chalmers Campus Johanneberg, bus and tram stop, a grocery shop, and restaurants. It is only a few minutes to the city center, which is accessible via bus, trams, by bike or walking. Here we have two housings, Sångsvanen and Kapellgången.


In this quarter lies these student apartments, with a cozy communal courtyard with barbecue facilities. The apartments have the old charm reserved, with high ceilings, well preserved stucco work and wooding flooring. Some of the apartments have old tiled stoves (not operational).

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Kapellgången 1 och 6

On the upper floors of the buildings Kapellgången 1 and 6, you will find these student apartments, with stunning views over the rooftops. The apartments are located close to Landala Torg with a grocery shop, liquor shop, and restaurants. Chalmers Campus Johanneberg is only a short walk away. There is a tram stop adjacent to the building, with trams directly to the city center.

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