Available apartments

Here you will find our available apartments for you who are a student at Chalmers or Gothenburg university (not applicable for distance studies). Our available apartments are usually published on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.


International Master students with guaranteed housing. Click here.

Short-term contracts

If a Master apartment is terminated ahead of time, we will rent it out as a short-term contract. Usually for a period of 3-6 months depending on how close to the fall term the apartment is terminated. In the fall the apartments are reserved for International Master students according to our agreement with Chalmers University of Technology. That is why Short-term contracts are rented out for a fixed period of time and there is no possibility for extension. You keep your queue days if you get a short-term contract. When we publish a short-term contract we will inform about how to apply.

There are no short-term contracts available.

*It is not possible to extend a short-term contract. When you get a short-term contract you will waive the right to protected

* Electricity and hot water is charged in the monthly rent but the amount for hot water and electricity will be amended after we have measured your actual usage.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Short-term contracts.

How do I apply?
You should send an email to info@chalmersstudentbostader.se with the documents according to the link below. You also need to write your contact information. If you send a request without the requested document or personal details we cannot handle your request. We will contact you through e-mail with an offer if it is your turn so you need to check your e-mail.

We only accept applications by email.

Documents to enclose when applying for a short term contract.

Below are the regular apartments. To get one of these you need at least 1,5 – 2 years queue time.


Updated 2022-04-28






1. Register here in our housing queue!
2. Students at Chalmers will receive 2 points/day, students at Gothenburg University receive 1 point/day.
3. Register your interest below.,
4. The 5 applicants with the most queue points, that have been picked out by chance in the system, will be offered a viewing.
5. The applicant with the highest queuing points, that still has an interest after the viewing, will be offered the apartment.
 available apartments.

Available storage units for tenants.

If you live in one of our houses as a primary tenant you can rent a storage. Click here for more information about renting a storage.