Short-term contracts – Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the most frequent questions about short-term contracts. Who can apply, do I keep my queue date, can I view the apartment, what furniture is included, can I extend the contract etc.


Short-Term contract

If a Master apartment is terminated ahead of time it is rented out as a short-term contract. Normally for a period of  3-6 months depending on how close to the fall term the apartment is terminated. For the fall term the apartments are reserved for Internationella Master students according to our cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology. This is the reason why the apartments are rented out for a fixed period without the possibility for extension. If you get a short-term contract you keep your queue date.

Who can apply for a short-term contract?
You need to be a student, or a Researcher/Phd student,  at Gothenburg University or Chalmers University of Technology.
Certificates that are approved to get a contract.

How do I apply?
If you are interested you need to send an email with your certificate of studies or employment according to the link above.  Your contact details need to be included, and we will get back to you if you get the contract. Applications without the certificate and or contact details included will not be handled. Since the time to reply and sign the contract is within one day you need to keep track of your email. We only accept applications for published apartments.

Create an account on My Pages

You will also need to have an account on My Pages. If you have not already created an account you can do it through the link below.
Create an account on My Pages.


When it comes to short-term contracts there is no possibility to view the apartment before signing a contract. This also means you do not have to show case the apartment before you move out. You will need to apply or sign a contract based on the information available on the website and the information through the link below.

Read more about the apartments here (A Short-term contract is based on a Master apartment that we rent out for a short period of time when a Master student has terminated ahead of time or for some reason is not coming).


Click here for more information about the furniture

Through the link above you can read about what furniture is included. We have an ongoing project to take pictures and film a few example apartments but it will take time before it is finished. As soon as it is available we will upload it here on the website under Housing.

Do you keep your queue date?

You keep your queue date if you get a short-term contract, however you still need to meet our other requirements in order to keep your queue points, ie log on to My Pages at least once every six months and be a member of a student union during the entire tenancy period. 

Notice period for terminating the apartment

It is 7 weeks notice to terminate a short-term contract. This applies even if you get a new apartment through us. Read more about terminating your apartment here.

On the contract it says that the termination period is 3 calendar months which is according to the Swedish law. But we understand that a student might not be able to pay double rent for three months so we have adapted our policy about the notice period. At the same time we need to have time to rent out the apartment to another tenant, make technical inspections, book cleaning etc. before the next tenant can move in. 

    If you get a contract offer

    Normally you have one day to sign a contract so you need to keep an eye on your email in case you get an offer. You need to check your spam as well so that you do not miss our emails.

      The master apartment is reserved for International Master students according to our collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology. The apartment will be rented out to a Master student. Therefore you need to sign the form from “Hyresnämnden” (The rent tribunal) “Överenskommelse om avstående från besittningsskydd”. (Agreement on waiver of possession). It is not possible to extend the contract.

        When it comes to Short-term contracts it is not possible to move in earlier. The start date on the web site is the earliest you can move in and this will also be the date when the contract starts.

          When you have emailed the signed contract and form for “Hyresnämden” (The rent tribunal), “Överenskommelse om avstående från besittningsskydd” (Agreement on waiver of possession) to us you will get the contract back with our signature. The form will be sent to Hyresnämnden. Hyresnämnden will send it to you by regular post when it is approved. You do not have to do wait for the approval. You can count on moving in on the date stated on your contract.

            Latest update 2021-03-01