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Reserach apartments: Furniture & extra fittings

Furniture included in the rent

Research apartments only

All apartments have a kitchen and bathroom and they are all furnished. The apartments have kitchen utensils, everything needed in a kitchen, such as glasses, plates, knives, and forks, etc. However, there is no electrical equipment like for example coffee makers, irons, etc in the apartments. If you have any questions about what exactly is included in your apartment you need to make a Fault report on My Pages.

Buy extra fittings

Extra mattress – 550 SEK

Duvet – 200 SEK

Pillow – 50 SEK

Bedding – 100 SEK

Prices 2020-05-05

If you want to buy extra fittings please state which item in your order.
Email our Customer Service Office at info@chalmersstudentbostader.se

Take care of the furniture

The furniture is included in the rent and should be kept in the apartment. If you for some reason don’t want a piece of furniture you must provide temporary storage. Keep in mind that the furniture belongs to us and must be well taken care of. If something is missing or broken when you move out we will have to charge you for the costs.

If you have questions about the furniture – Please make a faulty report on My Pages and the information will be sent to your Housing host.


Page updated: 2020-10-25