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How do I apply for an apartment?

We are glad that you want to apply for one of our apartments! You apply for housing by registering in our housing queue. You need to be a student at Chalmers or Gothenburg university to live with us. More information on:

How do I apply for housing?

Conditions for housing.

How long until I am getting offered a tenancy contract?

It takes usually 1,5 to 2 years until you are offered your first tenancy contract. When you have signed a tenancy contract, your queueing points will be set to zero, so please remember to reactive in our housing queue to start collecting points again.

How does the housing queue work?

The person with the most points in the housing queue will be offered a tenancy contract. Before you become a student, you can start collecting preparing queueing points witch Is counted from the day you register in our housing queue. You collect one preparing point per day and can be registered from the year you turn 17 years old. 365 is the maximum of preparing points. You can only collect preparing points one time. After that you need a membership in a student union at Chalmers or Gothenburg university to keep collecting days. Members in the student union on Chalmers collects 2 points per day, and members in a student union on Gothenburg university collects 1 per day.

What do you mean with control of study results?

We do a control of study result every semester to make sure that our tenants still study since it´s a requirement to stay with us.

Why have my queueing points been stopped?

The normal reason why you have stopped collecting days in our housing queue is if you don’t have any activated membership in the student union. Don´t forget that you need to upgrade your membership every semester.

Is it possible to give my days in the housing queue to someone else?

No, you can´t give away or share you queuing points with someone else.

What is included in the rent?

There is a difference between which apartment and the building you live in. In your rent, the housing, water, heating, and internet are usually included, and a mandatory fee to the Council of Trustee is added. This fee is currently 10 SEK per month.

For some apartments, the electricity is included in the monthly rent. However, in other apartments, the electricity is measured on an individual basis and is charged based on the actual usage.

For more information on what is included in your rent, please read more under our tab Housing.

Is storage included in the rent?

Storage units are included in some apartments, however, not in all apartments. If a storage unit is not included, you can apply for one. Please read more about the possibility to rent a storage unit here.

Are the apartments furnished?

Only the apartments reserved for international master students and guest researchers are furnished, the other apartments are not.

How do I get access to the broadband?

The broadband is included in your rent. In the information you got when you moved in, you can read how you do to start up the broadband in your apartment. For more information please klick here

What does a housing host do?

Our housing hosts are responsible for the maintenance of our buildings.

I have some problem with my apartment, what should I do?

The easiest way is that you make a fault report on my pages. The the information goes directly to the housing host. If it´s an emergency you can call 031-772 97 97.

When and where can I collect my keys?

You can collect your keys after 14.00 the day your contract starts. You collect the keys at Gibraltargaran 82B.

Is there any chance to move in earlier?

You can only move in earlier if the old tenant want to move out earlier. Then you need to apply for move out earlier by sending this application. Observe that it can take up to two weeks before it is confirmed.

What happens if the apartment is damaged when I move in?

Your housing host always make a technical inspection when someone is moving out. Then the housing host decides if something needs to be remedied before you move in. You won’t be liable to pay for daily damage since this will be taken care of during the technical inspection. If you are worried about something special, you can always make a fault report on my pages.

Can I share my apartment?

Ofcourse you can share your apartment with your partner or a friend. Only one person can sign the tenancy contract. If you have someone staying at you house, you as the tenant need to be written on the address. Otherwise, it is counted as unlawful subleasing.

Can I apply for subleasing?

If you have a regular apartment, it is possible to sublease. For example if you will be studying in another country or try to live with your partner. You can only sublease if we have confirmed your application by sending this form to us. It can take up to four weeks for us to confirm your application. If you have a guest research apartment or a master apartment, there are other conditions that you can read on your contract. You can read more about subleasing here.

How do I termination my contract?

Terminate your tenancy contract on My pages. If you have a masters contract or short-term contract the notice period is at least 7 calendar weeks and you need to send an email to since you cannot terminate it on My pages.

If you are moving to an apartment that is not owned by us, your notice period is at least 7 weeks. If you are changing to a new apartment with us and are renting a standard contract for an unfurnished apartment the notice period is at least four calendar weeks. You can move out every week and the moving day is usually on Tuesdays. More information on terminating your tenancy contract and moving out.

Is it okey if I move out earlier?

The only way to move out earlier is if the new tenant want to move in earlier. Then you need to fill in this form.

When and where do I leave my keys?

The keys needs to be back to us at last 10 a clock the day your contract ends. If you don´t have the possibility to leave the keys during our opening hours, you can leave them in the box in the door in our costumer service.

At our webpage under the tab Living with us, you can find more information regarding the laundry room, internet, and ordering additional keys, etc. You are also welcomed to contact our customer service office, you can find our opening hours and contact information here.