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New projects

We are investing in the future! Chalmers Studentbostäder plans to build upwards of 1000 new student apartments by 2026. The idea is that the apartments will be near and adjacent to the Chalmers Johanneberg Campus. Also, we have concrete plans to build even more apartments in the future. Read more about our construction projects below.

Gibraltargatan West (Mossen)

Together with Göteborgs Stad, Göteborgs Studenters Företagsgrupp AB, Trollängen bostad AB, JM, and Okidoki, we plan to develop the peripheral zone to the west of Gibraltargatan. This will create a better, more interesting, and more exciting place for everyone by constructing beautiful, climate-smart, green buildings. The process of the detailed plan will begin during Q1 2021.

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Gibraltarvallen: 250 apartments, Campus Johanneberg

The building committee will give their approval during March 2021, and the city council will give their approval in June 2021. As the period for appealing against the detailed plan in a year, the detailed plan can be granted first in Q2 2022. If the time-line applies, the first phase of the construction can begin in Q3 2022. The entire project will be finished during 2025/2026.

Link to map Chalmers Tvärgata

Link to map Gibraltarvallen

Holtermanska current buildings:
Student hotel and our new office

Reconstruction is on-going, with the goal of moving in turning the turn of the months October/November 2021.

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Holtermanska new development: 450 new apartments

The consultation with the building committee is now complete, and the next step is changes of documents, in consultation, between Q3 2020 – Q1 2021. The pilot study together with an architect has begun and will be done in April / May 2021. The review in the building committee is planned to happen during June 2021, with approval in April 2022. The approval in the city council is planned until June 2022. The detailed plan is planed to win legal force, including the appealing period, in June 2023. We are planning for tenants to move into the building in different stages. The entire project, with apartments and business activities premises, is according to the current time-line done during the summer of 2026. Link to map


The tower on Emilsborg

We plan to expand the residential area at Emilsborg with new student apartments. The Building Committee (BN) decided in December 2021, at a meeting, to adopt a proposal for a start plan for 2022. The start plan includes our project the Tower on Emilsborg. The project includes about 100 student apartments in a point house. Preliminary completion of the project 2025/2026.