Guest researcher: Moving out

Termination of all contracts is in principle determined upon signing. It is possible to terminate a contract before the final date of the contract. Termination must be in writing or via email and must be submitted by the primary tenant, i.e. the institution ISMO at Chalmers University of Technology. The period of notice is three calendar months. If you want to terminate your contract you need to contact Chalmers, institution ISMO at

Moving out must take place no later than 10.00 on the first working day after the turn of the month. All keys must be handed in at Gibraltargatan 82. The apartment must be cleaned thoroughly, and all faults must be reported to Chalmers Studentbostäder. If extra expenses are incurred in connection with moving out, your institution will be charged for this and, in their turn, they will direct it to you.

Example: If a tenancy contract is terminated in May the period of notice will run until 31 August. The tenant is required to move out by 10.00 at the latest on the first working day in September.

All keys given to you when moving in must be handed back to our Customer Service Office at Gibraltargatan 82. Your keys must be handed in at 10.00 am the first weekday the month after your contract ends. If your last day is on a weekend or bank holiday the keys must be handed in the next weekday by 10 am at the latest.

Example: If your contract ends 31st of March you need to hand in the keys latest by 1st of April by 10 am, since April 1st is on a weekday (2020-04-01). You are free to hand in the keys earlier if you want to. If we are closed you can put the keys in the key deposit on the door at Chalmers Studentbostäder Customer Service, Gibraltargatan 82.

Before you move out, a technical inspection of your apartment will be done to check for damage and that everything that should be in the apartment is there. You will receive an e-mail from your housing host informing you about when the inspection will be made. If your apartment is damaged or in the case of abnormal wear, you will need to pay for repairing it.

Before the inspection, please make sure that everything that came with the apartment is there. This could be hat racks, curtain rails, etc. If there were instruction manuals when moving in, please leave them for the next tenant. If you rented an apartment that is furnished, please make sure to leave the furniture in the apartment when you move out.

Changes due to Covid-19

Due to the current situation, the technical inspection will take place after you move out. As soon as the situation is under control, we will go back to regular routines.

When you have emptied your apartment and handed in your keys, a cleaning inspection will be made. Please read our cleaning guide, which will help you when cleaning your apartment. If you have a balcony and/or a storage unit, remember to empty it of your belongings and clear it thoroughly when moving out. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to go back and clean your apartment if the cleaning inspection is not approved.

We have a collaboration with the cleaning company Vital Städ, you can read more about this and hire Vital Städ here. If you choose to hire Vital Städ, they will clean your apartment properly and the cleaning inspection will be approved.

When you move out you will need to change your address at the Tax Office, which is easily done on their webpage. To receive your mail to your new address, please change your address a couple of weeks before you move.

Change your address here.

If you have any other questions, you are also welcome to contact our Customer Service Office.


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