Guest researchers: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Apartments for guest researchers

In collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, we have apartments reserved for Guest Researchers at Chalmers. These apartments will not be published on our webpage. They are administrated separately by the institution International Staff Mobility at Chalmers (ISMO) in collaboration with us. Read more about it here.

The apartments reserved for Guest Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are at

Gibraltargatan 80


Gibraltar Guesthouse
Gibraltarvallsvägen 2

Aschebergsgatan & Holtermansgatan


What furniture is included in the apartment?
All research apartments have a kitchen and bathroom and they are all furnished. The apartments have kitchen utensils, everything needed in a kitchen, such as glasses, plates, knives, and forks, etc. However, there is no electrical equipment like for example coffee makers, irons, etc in the apartments. Quilt, pillow, or bed linen are not included.

Read more about what furniture is included in the apartments and how to buy extra fittings here.

Moving in
More about collecting your keys, Home insurance, change of address, and other useful information is found under Guest researcher/Moving in.

Moving out
More about terminating your contract, change of address, cleaning the apartment before moving out, and other useful information is found under Guest researcher/Moving out.

I want to extend my contract
Please contact ISMO in good time if you want to extend your contract. It is your own responsibility to do this several months in advance in order to be able to have a better chance of keeping your apartment for longer. We do not choose who can be extended or not. This is done by ISMO so you need to send your request to


I want to terminate my contract in advance
The date of termination is already fixed when receiving your contract. Please contact ISMO if you want to terminate the contract in advance. Termination has to be sent to ISMO

Where will I find my invoices?
Go to My pages in order to see your invoices. They are normally not sent by email or post although you might receive your first invoice by email. The rent is based on a 12 months system and you pay rent every month. Preferably, you can pay the first months’ rent in advance, at the latest on the date “Due Date” stated on top of the invoice. If you are unable to pay in advance, you may pay after you arrive in Sweden, even if that date is after the due date on the invoices. Please note that this only applies to the first invoice. After that, you need to make the payment on time.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, we accept payments by card at the Customer Service office during our opening hours. Read more here.

Is the amount on your invoice not the same as on the contract?
If you live at Gästhuset, Eklandagatan, there will be VAT added on the invoice.

When is the due date of the invoice?
Normally the due date for the rent is the last day of the month before your contract starts.
Please check the due date on your invoice to be sure.

Why is the rent different for apartments of the same size?
The rent depends on which address the apartment is situated. Apartments that are completely new or have been renovated, or have a better standard, for example, a bigger refrigerator and freezer or a toilet that is tiled new windows, will be more expensive than the ones of older and or lower standard.

From when do I need to pay rent?
If your contract day starts, for example, August 1st you will be charged from that day, regardless of when you pick up the keys.

What are the costs of electricity and hot water?
Electricity and hot water are included in the rent but not at Gibraltar Guesthouse, Gibraltarvallsvägen. Please view the information for each area under Housing.

For how many months do I need to pay rent each year?
At Chalmers Studentbostäder you pay for 12 months each year.

Can I smoke in the apartment?
No, you may not smoke in the apartment or adjacent to the building. Read more about it here.

Are pets allowed?
It is not allowed to have pets in the apartments. This is because of the risk of allergy since the apartments are furnished and it is not possible to clean the furniture well enough to remove all traces of the pets.

There is more information under “Researchers & Masters“.

Guest researchers at Chalmers should contact ISMO for the housing queue and questions regarding your contract. Email to

Updated 2020-12-30