International Master Students: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Chalmers Studentbostäder has a cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology read more about it here.

We are pleased to welcome you to Gothenburg and Chalmers student housing.
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I have guaranteed housing, how will I get an apartment?

If you are guaranteed housing during your stay in Sweden from your university, these are the steps that will follow:


1. We receive a list from “Chalmers” (Chalmers University of Technology)

By mid June, Chalmers sends us a list of International Masters Students that have Guaranteed housing from Chalmers University of Technology. Therefore, before mid June we do not know which students will be on our list. The reason is Chalmers sends a separate list of students to other student housing organizations, for example SGS

2. You will get an email confirmation about the reservation

As soon as we get the list from Chalmers, we will send an email confirmation about the reservation “Your reservation of accommodation at Chalmers Studentbostäder ” to the ones on our list. This year ( 2022) the email is planned for mid June.

3. You will get a link to a digital application form

During the month of June, if you are on our list and received the above email confirming a reservation of an accommodation, you will get a link to a digital application form with more information on how to apply and you will also get a chance to state your date of arrival.

4. Only one offer

If you get the email, confirming your reservation, you are guaranteed to get an offer from us. However, if you decline or not apply on time, you will not get another offer. The offer will be given to someone else and you will have to find accommodation on your own.

5. When will I be asked to sign a contract?

It might take one or two weeks after you get the first email from us when you get the contract to sign.  Exactly what date you will get the contract depends on the move-in date. The contract will be sent by email (It will not be a digital signing on My Pages). You will need to sign and return the contract by email.

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to speed up this process since it involves some administration. As long as you send your application on time, you can be sure to get one offer even if you will get the contract a few days/weeks later.

6. Can I prepare anything?

Please make sure to check the spam or trash on your email account in order to not miss out on our emails. It’s also your responsibility to make sure to use the same email address when communicating with Chalmers Studentbostäder and Chalmers University of Technology. We will send our offer to the email provided by Chalmers University of Technology.

When will you publish the Master apartments on your web page?

The apartments for Master students are not published on our website. They are handled manually and will be offered to International Master students according to a list we receive from Chalmers University of Technology.

If by July there are still apartments available, from when students have declined offers, we will publish them as Short term contracts on our web page under the condition “first come, first serve”. We do not know if or when this will happen. Look under Available apartments where they will be published if that is the case.

What happens if I decline the offer?

This is a special contract according to our agreement with Chalmers University of Technology. Therefore, you will only get one offer. If you don’t want to stay in the apartment you have been offered, by turning down the offer or not applying or signing a contract on time, you will need to find an apartment on your own.

How long do I have to sign the contract? Normally, you will have a few days to sign the contract but please do it as soon as possible. If you do not sign the contract on time, the offer goes to another student on the list.

Why shouldn’t I just apply for an apartment published on your website?
If you want to decline the offer and search for another apartment you will need to search through our regular queue where it takes at least 1.5 -2 years. In our regular queue, the one who has been in the queue the longest gets the offer.

Read more about the rules for getting a regular apartment on our website.

What if I did not receive an email?
If you by end of June have not received an email about this from us, it’s because you are not on the list we received from Chalmers. You need to contact Chalmers University of Technology at for more information. They cooperate with other student housing organizations, which means you might be on a list given to another student housing company.

More about the apartments reserved for International Masters at Chalmers

Area, size, and rent
The apartments reserved for International Master Students at Chalmers University of Technology are at

Gibraltargatan 82 & 94
Gibraltargatan 84-92

Gibraltar Guesthouse
Gibraltarvallsvägen 2

What size are the apartments?
The apartmens at Gibraltargatan reserved for Masters are 18 m2 and the ones at Gibraltarvallsvägen are 28 m2.

What is the rent?
The rent for the smaller apartments are from 3800 SEK (2022) and the rent at Gibraltar Guesthouse is 5579 SEK (2022)

Can I choose in which area I get the apartment?
Even if you can state which area you prefer, unfortunately, you cannot choose what offer you will get. It depends on availability since we have a limited number of apartments reserved for International Masters. It is possible to share the bigger apartments with a friend. You will only get one offer. If you reject it or do not sign on time, we will give the offer to someone else.

Can I choose which apartment I get?
Unfortunately, you cannot choose which apartment you get.

How do you select who gets which apartment?
We received a list from Chalmers University of Technology that we go through and randomly select who gets which apartment.

How many people can live in the apartment?
You can be 2, or a maximum of 3 people in the same apartment, however, we do not recommend it since these apartments are made for one person. Please note that only one person will be on the contract.

Can I exchange the apartment for another one?
Master apartments cannot be exchanged. If you want to move out, you need to give 7 weeks’ notice. Read more here!

When is the move-in date?
The move-in date is from the beginning of August until the beginning of September, depending on the duration of the contract for the previous tenant.

Time limitations for master’s contracts?
The master’s contracts are for a period of maximum 2 years and they are terminated in advance (sometimes the contract is for 1 year or 6 months etc. depending on when you get your contract). After the confirmation that the contract is complete, you can find the duration of your tenancy contract on My pages.

Why is the contract terminated on My Pages?
Since the master’s contracts are for a fixed period they are terminated in advance as written above. That is why it says contract terminated on My pages but note the From and Until date. For example, from 2022-08-01 until 2023-08-01.

Can I change the start date for the contract?
The move-in date is already fixed and settled. A tenant is living in the apartment until your contract starts, therefore, there is no possibility to move in early. The other apartments have already been offered to other students, and the same rules go for them, they cannot change the start or end date of their contract.

After the tenant has moved out, we need time to arrange the furniture and clean the apartment properly before you move in. It is a tight schedule for the cleaners and our housing hosts to arrange the apartments on time. That’s why you cannot change the start date of your contract to an earlier date. The same goes for those of you who are arriving later than the start date of your contract. It is not possible to change the start date of your contract.

Can I change the end date of the contract?
It is not possible to extend the contract; however, you can terminate the contract with 7 weeks’ notice if you are leaving ahead of time. Read more here!

Please send an email to and we will help you further.

How do I terminate the contract?
Masters apartments are terminated in advance and cannot be terminated on My Pages. If you want to terminate the contract you need to fill out this form.

Should I activate the queue?
When we have offered you an apartment and you have signed it, we will activate you in the queue manually, if you are not activated after you have received a confirmation, you can activate the queue yourself by logging on to My pages and simply click “Activate here”  below Apartment queue and follow the steps to activate. It is your own responsibility to activate the queue.

If you have activated the queue before receiving an offer it will not affect the renting process, just know that you will need to activate the queue again after signing a contract.

How do I get 2 points per day in the queue?
As soon as you get your Swedish social security number, you need to send us an email or come to our customer service office with a copy of your ID/Passport for us to update the system. This is important to get 2 points per day in the queue.

The condition for 2 points per day is that you are a member of Chalmers Student Union and the social security number must be the same in their system as well as in our system. If you are not updated, you will only get one point per day.

After your Master contract terminates you need to search for a regular apartment. That is when the 2 points per day will be useful since it normally takes 1.5 2 years to get a regular apartment in our queue.

After signing the contract you will get a confirmation from us with information about the procedure for collecting keys to the apartment.

Read more about moving in here.

Where will I find my payment slips?
Go to My pages in order to see your payment slips. They are normally not sent by email or post although you might receive your first payment slip by email. The rent is based on a 12 months system and you pay rent every month. Preferably, you are able to pay the first months’ rent in advance, at the latest on the date “Due Date” stated on top of the payment slip.

If you cannot pay in advance, you can make the payment after you arrive in Sweden, even if you arrive after the due date on the payment slip. Please note that this is only applicable for the first payment slip, after that, you need to make the payments on time.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, we accept payments by card at the Customer Service office during our opening hours. Read more here.

Is the amount on your payment slip not the same as on the contract?
If the amount on your first payment slip is lower than the amount on the contract it’s because your contract does not start from the first of the month.  The invoices are based on the 1st to end of the month. From your next payment slip, you will be charged the full amount.

If the amount on your first payment slip is higher than the amount on the contract it’s because your payment slip is for two different months. This happens if your first contract day is the end of for example August, you will be charged for September as well as the days in August.

The period for the payment slip is stated on each payment slip under “Pertains to period”, for example 2021-08-25 – 2021-09-30.

When is the due date of the payment slip?

Normally the due date for the rent is the last day of the month before your contract starts, except for your first payment slip where you may get a few days extra to pay the rent on time. Please check the due date on your payment slip to be sure.

Why is the rent different for apartments of the same size?
The rent depends on which address the apartment is situated. Apartments that are completely new or have been renovated, or have a better standard, for example, a bigger refrigerator and freezer or a toilet that is tiled new windows, will be more expensive than the ones of older and or lower standard.

From when do I need to pay rent?
If your contract day starts, for example, August 1st you will be charged from that day, regardless of when you pick up the keys.

What are the costs of electricity and hot water?
Electricity and hot water is included in the rent at Emilsborg, Gibraltargatan but not at Gibraltar Guesthouse, Gibraltarvallsvägen. Please view the information for each area under Housing.

For how many months do I need to pay rent each year?
At Chalmers Studentbostäder you pay for 12 months each year. However, during the summer period, June, July, and August, you can sublease the apartment to someone else. If you want to do that you have to fill out a form “Application for sublease during summers” and send it to us for confirmation. This only applies to those of you with a Master contract, Short term contracts do not apply to this rule, you cannot sublease the apartment.

What furniture is included in the apartment?
The Master apartments are fully furnished, however kitchen utensils, quilt, pillow or bed linen are not included.

Read more about what furniture is included in the Masters apartments and how to buy extra fittings here>.

Which Social security number should I use when logging on to My pages?
You should use the one sent to you by email before you get the offer. Please contact us as soon as possible if you cannot find it or if you for some reason have not received it by end of June.

If you want to register on My Pages ahead of time that is ok just make sure to use the same email address as in your contact with Chalmers University of Technology so we can match your account when we get the list from Chalmers University of Technology.

Can I smoke in the apartment?
No, you cannot smoke in the apartment or adjacent to the building. Read more about it here.

Are pets allowed?
It is not allowed to have pets in the apartments. This is because of the risk of allergy since the apartments are furnished and it is not possible to clean the furniture well enough to remove all traces of the pets.

There’s more information under “Researchers & Masters“. Please contact us if you still have questions after reading the information on the website.


Updated 2022-04-01