Your apartment

To your right, you will find information regarding your apartment, such as broadband, the laundry room, and the swimming pool and sun terraces. As a tenant, you have access to facilities such as a party room, movie room, and tool renting via the Council of Trustees.

We have a collaboration with, an online grocery store. The collaboration means that you will get free shipment when you shop for over 400 SEK, which is usually a cost of 95 SEK when you shop under 700 SEK. Take part of the collaboration by following these steps:
1. Create an account at (only in Swedish)
2. Contact MatHem via phone: +4620 – 15 10 10 and press 1 to go to their customer service for cooperations, e-mail or through a chat function on their webpage
3. Tell them the e-mail address you registered with and that you would like to take part in the collaboration with us
4. Now you can start shopping!