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Student advice

Next week, the spring semester kicks off for both Chalmers and Gothenburg university. Therefore, we want to give you some good advice that may be good to think about.

1. Register in our housing queue

Maybe you haven’t managed to find a home yet or you want to move to something new! Regardless, we recommend you as a student to join our housing queue to start collecting points today. 2. Renew or activate your union membership As a member of our housing queue, you can collect a maximum of 365 purchase points before you start studying. After that, you need an active corps membership at Chalmers or Gothenburg University in order for your points to keep ticking. Therefore, remember that you, who are already a student, need to renew your union membership every semester.

3. Apply for student aid and housing allowance

As a new student, you need to apply for student funding via CSN. You who are under 29 and studying may also be entitled to housing allowance via the insurance fund. The sum is calculated on your income and what your home costs, how big the home is and what type of home it is. Read more about housing allowance on the insurance fund’s website.

4. Study breaks

Of course the studies are important, but remember that it is at least as important to remember to take breaks between the lines in the course literature. The brain needs to recover to be able to take in information. Remember you need some free time!

5. Course registration

Remember that you need to register for your courses via ladook.