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Newly admitted in 2023?

Are you a newly admitted student at Chalmers University of Technology and looking for a student apartment in Gothenburg for the fall? If so, this is a page for you. We at Chalmers student housing each year have a number of apartments reserved for newly admitted students. The apartments are drawn, but you who apply need to be registered in our housing queue. The apartments in question are one room and kitchen with a maximum rent of SEK 5400/month distributed around our stock. You can find more about our homes and areas here.

The process looks like the following:

Step 1: Expression of interest

To register for the raffle of apartments for newly admitted students, you need to send an email to nyantagen.chalmers@chalmersstudentbostader.se and write that you are interested in participating in the raffle of apartments for newly admitted students at Chalmers. Keep in mind that you need to send from the same e-mail that you have registered in our system for your application to be processed.

Step 2: The selection

The selection is made at random, where we match the email addresses with our housing queue and with Chalmers’ admissions list. Make sure you have your contact information up to date on My Pages.

Step 3: Offer

You who are offered an apartment will be contacted by us via email as soon as possible when the admissions lists at Chalmers are ready at the beginning of August. If you do not hear from us, unfortunately you were not allocated an apartment, but you are of course welcome to apply via our housing queue. It is not possible to choose an apartment without you accepting or rejecting the offer you received. If you decline, it goes on to another applicant and you keep your purchase points.

Step 4: Contract writing

When it is time to write the contract, you will be able to sign this digitally. At the same time, you need to upload your acceptance letter from Chalmers. The contract states the date you get access to the apartment. This cannot be changed. When the contract is signed, your purchase points are reset to zero. Make sure you read our accommodation conditions before you sign so you know what applies to staying with us. You can find these here.