Hoppa till innehåll

Barbecue season

We welcome summer! New flowers are planted, the gravel is swept away and the grass is cut. What would be better than using the common outdoor areas in our stock. Several of the sites are also equipped with communal grills for your tenants.


If you want to grill, think about the following:

  • Use the area’s grills where available.
  • Consider fire safety and consider the neighbors.
  • It is not permitted to grill on balconies or adjacent to the houses.
  • If you use a disposable grill, these must be thrown away in a specially designated place.
  • Remember to remove rubbish and food scraps to prevent pests from emerging.
  • Rubbish must be sorted and disposed of at designated waste stations.


We have several barbecue areas around our inventory:

  • The hill in the middle of Emilsborg
  • Behind Gibraltargatan 80
  • Outside Emil’s Livs
  • Nålskäran
  • Sångsvanen
  • Rännvägen

We at Chalmers Student Housing hope you can take advantage of our shared outdoor spaces and wish you all a really nice summer!