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Moving out this summer?

Are you moving out this summer? Then it’s time to cancel your contact on My Pages. You have a minimum of 7 weeks notice. Moving out always takes place on a Tuesday and you leave your keys before 10.00 on the day of the move. When you cancel the apartment on My Pages, you choose the date of moving out through our moving out calendar. Please note that some dates may already be closed due to public holidays, or it may be too late to move out on certain days. Do not forget that you can book Vital cleaning for your moving cleaning. Then your cleaning is approved automatically. Otherwise you need to follow our cleaning guide which you can find here. If you have a master contract, your terminate your contract here.  If you are a guest reserachers, you terminate your contract by contacting  Chalmers, institution ISMO at ismo.stodet@chalmers.se